- 2008/11/16 Portuguese settlement inundated by high tide

More than 50 homes in the Portuguese Settlement along Ujong Pasir were affected by unusually high tide on Friday morning.

Regedor (headman) Peter Gomes described the tide as the worst in recent years, with waters rising to almost two feet in certain parts of the village.

The phenomenon is an annual year-end occurence but this time, the water level was much higher, he said, adding that the flooding would last for several hours before the tide receded.

Image: Outdoor spoiler: Residents checking out the impact of the high tide.
Residents checking out the impact of the high tide.

He said high tide would continue until December, adding that there was worry that heavy rain could lead to more serious flooding.

Homes located along Texeira Road were the worst hit, with more than 30 affected by fast-rising waters.

Resident Ian Sunny De Costa, 39, said reclamation along the coastline over the years might be the cause for the higher tides.

"The water used to rise up to the porch, but this time, it actually came into some of our homes," he said.

Kota Melaka MP Sim Tong Him, who visited the area, urged the state and Federal governments to take appropriate action to prevent flooding.

He noted that the settlement was the only such village in the country and a gazetted heritage village that should be protected at all costs.

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