- 2007/12/23 Malacca tower's revolving top finally put in place

It was a slow process but the revolving top of the Taming Sari tower in Banda Hilir was finally put in place yesterday.

The RM23mil, 116m-high tower, now at its makeshift location, would be moved to its permanent location 15m away in a few days time.

The state's latest tourist attraction, is expected to be opened in february.

The tower, named after Hang Tuah's mythical kris, and built using Swiss technology, will be the first tower in the country to have a fully revolving structure.

It can accommodate up to 80 people at one time.

The revolving tower, some 100m above ground, will make a complete circle in five minutes.

There is also a restaurant, convenience store and a souvenir shop on the ground floor.

The tower was to be built near the Parameswara Jetty but work stopped when an ancient Portuguese wall and a Dutch bastion were discovered at the first site near the Stadthuys.

A ground-probing radar survey was undertaken to ensure that there were no historical artefacts or construction under the new site before work began in january.

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